Air Conditioning Units: a service you can’t miss out on? – Hofmann Megaplan

09 Jul Air Conditioning Units: a service you can’t miss out on? – Hofmann Megaplan

Air Conditioning Units: a service you can't afford to miss out on in your garage

With manufacturers recommending that the average vehicle air con system is serviced at least every two years, and with most modern cars coming with Air Con as standard, the demand for air con servicing has never been higher!

Your competitors will be looking for new ways to increase their revenue stream, attract new business and retain current customers. An Air conditioning service machine could be the answer, so can afford to miss out? ​

Automotive Air Conditioning Service Equipment – It’s on the up!

No longer a luxury feature within vehicles, air conditioning has become an integral service to many garages. In fact it is now one of the most advertised services garages offer with banners and sandwich boards appearing outside many workshops.

Making sure you have the correct equipment ensures you are set you up for success as customers become more aware of the need to recharge their AC. Investing in the right Air Con recharge or servicing machine allows you to complete jobs efficiently while enhancing the productivity of your business.

So which machine is right for you?

Hofmann Megaplan Air Conditioning Machines

As with every Hofmann Megaplan product range, our Air Conditioning Units are manufactured to the highest standard. Manufactured in Italy, you will be receiving the finest system money can buy with a variety of features.

megacool 222YF Air Conditioning Unit

Check out our full range below:

ecocool A/C System – budget friendly but still fully automatic vehicle recovery unit

megacool 202 A/C System – feature rich fully automatic service station for old style R134a gas

megacool 222YF A/C System – build for both new R1234yf and old gas, this fully automatic service station is top of the range

Want to find out more about our Air Conditioning Units? Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 and speak to one of our dedicated Air Con Service system team members for more information.