Associate Membership Form

Associate Membership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the GEA. On the right of this page is a content list and guidance that will help you to complete the Membership Application Form.

Associate members are mainly Publishers, Finance Companies, Insurance Providers or any company that does not manufacture or distribute garage equipment in the UK, but would like to keep in touch with our market place and industry.

Companies from outside the UK also like to be kept up to date and to support the UK Garage Equipment Industry; therefore they are also invited to join as Associate Members or European Manufacturer Members.

    Application for Membership


    We the above named, apply to become a Member of the GEA. We are willing to cooperate with others Members in carrying out the objectives of the Association. We accept that membership shall be subject to the GEA Articles of Association and we will abide by the GEA Code of Good Practice.


    *Please state whether Chairperson, Director, Company Secretary, Proprietor, Partner etc., or authorised signatory

    Content and Guidance

    Application for Membership

    Please provide your company’s details.

    Membership subscription

    Should you wish to proceed with your application please send a cheque made payable to GEA Ltd, for the appropriate amount, or alternatively, payment can be made by credit card or BACS. Please contact 01327 312616 for help with payment. Your membership application will not proceed until subscription payment is received.

    Post your subscription cheque to:

    The Garage Equipment Association
    2/3 Church Walk
    NN11 4BL

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the GEA.

    Tel: 01327 312616
    Fax: 01327 312606