Boston First to Receive ‘Connected’ Approval for Emissions Equipment

01 Oct Boston First to Receive ‘Connected’ Approval for Emissions Equipment

Boston Garage Equipment is pleased to announce that in addition to its range of connected brake testers, it is now the first manufacturer to receive DVSA Connected Equipment approval for its exhaust gas analysers and diesel smoke meters.

 According to the updated ‘DVSA – Acceptable Equipment’ lists for gas analysers and smoke meters published by the GEA on 30th September 2019, Boston is currently the only manufacturer with connected approved emissions equipment.

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 The DVSA is yet to confirm a firm introduction date for connected emissions, decelerometers or headlamp aim testers, but their recent MOT special notice states that this additional equipment should be introduced in early 2020.

 New connected regulations for brake testers were introduced from 1st October this year and apply to anyone opening a new MOT centre or reopening a closed centre, making a change of ownership to their MOT centre, adding a new test lane, or replacing a current roller brake tester.

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 Simple, Seamless Connectivity for Your MOT Equipment

The key advantage of Boston’s connected equipment is that it will all be controlled from one computer station by one piece of software which is developed in-house. Customers will therefore benefit from faster, simpler testing, streamlined service and support, and no messy installation problems which could potentially arise if combining different brands of connected equipment in the same test lane.

Boston’s solution also monitors the internet connection and its connection to the MTS. This is crucial for busy MOT stations; it means that any errors are notified to the user and failed uploads are automatically reattempted in the background meaning information is never lost and tests don’t need to be repeated.

In addition to delivering a seamless customer experience, Boston connected equipment will come with a free website offering test data and statistics in an easy-to-read format plus a host of other useful MOT tools for garage owners or authorised staff.

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