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25 Mar Case Study: SCS Tyres Co

This install comes from the Northants and the fitters at SCS Tyres Co. Specialists in industrial, commercial and domestic tyres covering Northamptonshire, SCS Tyres is a family run business. Its three generations of owners have racked up over 60 years experience in the industry. As such...

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25 Mar 5 Reasons You Need An Electric Wheel Lifter!

Back problems are no joke! Neither is failure to take care of yourself or your fitters. Lifting tyres takes its toll on the body. So why do it when there is a simple, safe and affordable solution? Not only can it reduce the risk of injury...

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15 Mar Case Study: Elite Tyres Direct – Hofmann Megaplan

As always our engineers have been busy up and down the country fitting a variety of garage equipment. Last week we completed an install for Elite Direct Tyres in Rainham. From their state of the art showroom and garage in the east of London they offer...

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08 Mar MoT Bay Equipment: The Greatest Hits – Hofmann Megaplan

While Hofmann Megaplan's ATL & MoT equipment division continues to provide high quality equipment and service for a varying range of garage owners. However many are unaware of what equipment goes into an MOT, even though they know the profit it can bring them. By providing...

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01 Mar Event Review: Point S Conference – Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann Megaplan was pleased to take part in the Point S members Conference & Trade Fair held on the 23rd February 2019. The event took place across the entire day with scheduled conference talks, followed by an open trade fair style floor for guests to explore. The...

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08 Feb Are you visiting our Showroom in 2019? – Hofmann Megaplan

We appreciate the importance of trying before you buy. Especially when it comes to investing in tyre fitting equipment your business will use day in, day out. It could be how it works, the appearance or performance you want to understand. Having the knowledge that the...

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