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    Application for Connected Equipment

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    If upgrading existing equipment to connected equipment please submit a signed declaration by the manufacturer that the hardware and all other software still meets current DVSA approval status.
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    I understand that submitting this application I will be issued with an invoice from the GEA for the cost of the approval work as set out in the scale of charges on the GEA website.

    We will declare to the GEA annually if the software / Hardware has been amended / updated.
    Failure to update the GEA on the anniversary of approval could cause the equipment to be removed from the DVSA list of equipment acceptable for MOT testing .

    Our Order reference is

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    Scale of GEA charges for Equipment approvals.

    Application for Approval

    Once application has been received into the GEA office we will assess the level of work required to complete the approval.

    If the application is for a software update to an already approved model and the connection software has already been tested and approved this will be done as a paperwork only charge.

    If the application is for a new software version not previously tested or approved this will be charged as involving engineer no site visit.

    The GEA will issue an invoice for the work to be completed using the order reference supplied.

    For new software versions the GEA will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable time to complete the software testing.

    The GEA reserve the right to issue a supplementary invoice for extra time if the initial testing fails and a extra time for testing is requested.

    Approval process,

    Once testing / validation of software has been completed, the GEA will issue that specific model number identified in the application with a new EIN (approval number) and approval certificate. Unless otherwise requested the model number with the original EIN number (non connected version) will be removed from the current list of approved equipment and added to the “Obsolete” section. When a unit is supplied to a customer or upgraded in the field the unit must have the new EIN number affixed either over or replacing the current EIN number on the unit. The new approval certificate should be completed and supplied to the end user so that when the DVSA inspects the site / unit it is clear that it has been approved to connected status.