Euro Car Parts welcomes DVSA MOT guidance

18 Jul Euro Car Parts welcomes DVSA MOT guidance

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has issued new advice to MOT workshop managers. Following feedback that previous information was found to be difficult to use and implement, the DVSA has reviewed the material and compiled it into a concise set of guidelines – Manage your MOT centre. Euro Car Parts, suppliers to the independent motor trade, supports the move, believing it will help workshops ensure a consistent, high level of MOT servicing across the country.

A key section of the recommendations focuses on ‘maintaining and monitoring premises and equipment’. It advises that workshop managers must record information about their equipment, keep their site safe and clean, adhere to standards and apply to make changes to the site and equipment when needed.

“It is vital that motorists are kept safe,” explained Adam White, Workshop Solutions director. “MOT testers have a unique responsibility in upholding vehicle safety standards, and it is vital they have the guidance and support they need for this task. The new DVSA guidelines are concise and greatly improved, making the workshop managers’ responsibilities much clearer.

“We understand the evolving demands placed on MOT workshops and are in an excellent position to help them meet these requirements. We work closely with workshops to provide equipment, tools, processes and training – equipping them for growth in a fast-moving industry.”

Safety is a critical and continuously evolving issue in workshops. While the MOT has been designed to ensure road going vehicles are safe, there is also a requirement for the safety of technicians and other workshop staff in the testing environment. The new DVSA guidelines address both areas, highlighting the penalties of non-compliance while also ensuring that workshop managers maintain their equipment and uphold workplace health and safety standards.

The guidelines also include important information about notifying the DVSA whenever physical changes are made to a workshop. This includes the capacity to test additional vehicles, replacing or modifying fixed equipment, changing the building or layout and like-for-like replacements.

Alongside equipment, tools and parts, Euro Car Parts also offers training through its comprehensive learning platform, Auto Education Academy. The website allows repairers to book practical courses from around the UK at the click of a button – including MOT annual CPD training and assessment.

“Euro Car Parts is a leading supplier to MOT workshops across the country,” concludes White. “Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment – combined with training through Auto Education Academy – can help technicians and workshop managers meet DVSA requirements and improve the safety of MOT testing nationwide.”


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