Garage Equipment for Avid Car Collectors.

15 Sep Garage Equipment for Avid Car Collectors.

Our Sales Representatives and installation engineers have been on the road again this week.

This installation of a Bradbury H4443 (005610) 4 tonne Wheel Free Four Post Service Lift took place at DM & C Ash Ltd in Heathfield.

It’s not always your everyday garage that GEMCO install equipment into. This particular customer is an avid car collector, so for him the installation of this H4443 along with Exhaust Extraction unit and Abac Compressor (a29blnt3) will help him restore his classic cars to their original condition!

For more information about Wheel Free Lifts available from GEMCO, any other equipment or to arrange a site visit from GEMCO’s specialist team, contact GEMCO today: E: T: 01604 828 600.