How essential are ADAS calibrations in 2019? – Hofmann Megaplan

24 May How essential are ADAS calibrations in 2019? – Hofmann Megaplan

ADAS open day at our Centre of Excellence based in Huntingdon.

ADAS is holding a common place on industry news sites & publications now. The latest feature in Garagewire addresses the warnings that experts are heeding of failure to calibrate ADAS following repairs.

These advisories to the automotive repair industries are not to be ignored either. Ensuring that ADAS sensors are functioning correctly post vehicle repair or maintenance is the repairers responsibility. It is an unfamiliarity with this procedures that is causing serious safety concerns, with the lack of knowledge to tackle these critical calibrations.

Industry experts have now been cited in a number of publications stating that more than 10% of vehicles on the road today are fitted with autonomous emergency braking (AEB). That is over 4 million vehicles. Yet many repairers have not undergone the required training to deal with ADAS calibrations.

ADAS advice for garage owners

​It is easy for garage owners to sit back but failure to embrace new technologies is a backwards step. The essential services a garage needs to offer are changing and the advice is get on board early so you’re in a position to answer your customers questions, even if you are not offering the services. Other advice offered includes:

  • Working out the number of ADAS equipped vehicles currently coming through your garage doors.
  • Get advice! Free educational days and training can bring you up to speed quickly without cost.
  • Nominate members of your team who can become your ADAS experts.
  • Know the relevant repair methods and manufacturer instructions.
  • Evidence! That calibration has been completed and that the results meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specified requirements.
  • Don’t know? Do not risk an incorrect calibration. Get help from the experts at Hofmann Megaplan.

ADAS Calibration at Hofmann Megaplan

As a leading supplier of garage equipment within the UK and across Europe, we feel we need to stand up and help in the education required around new ADAS technologies. We supply a number of calibration systems each with its own advantages. ​

ADAS – The Mystery Explained

Unravel the mystery of ADAS at our free 2019 educational open day, hosted at our Centre of Excellence in Huntingdon. Book online today!

Check out ADAS calibration system online. Contact us now or call us today on 01480 891011 to speak to a member of our dedicated team for more information.