Landmark achievement!

19 Jan Landmark achievement!

Bullworthy, ‘The Specialists in Garage Equipment’, along with their fellow Trade Garage Equipment Group associates, are celebrating a remarkable landmark achievement within the garage equipment industry. Following a successful year in 2020, even despite the uncertainty thrust upon us all earlier in that same year, Trade Garage Equipment surpassed an unrivalled achievement of 10,000 Rotary vehicle lifts supplied and fitted into the UK marketplace.

TGE are Rotary’s largest UK combined group distributor. Each member has shown their loyalty to the brand for over 20 years, originating and developing the Rotary lift market everyone acknowledges today.

Stefan Bullworthy remarks.

“ I remember the first day Bullworthy became a member of ‘Trade Group’ (as it was known at that time) back in the year 2000. At that time, the Rotary lift brand was barely known. To many it seemed they offered monstrous hydraulically operated premium lifts in a marketplace already dominated by lower costed elegant European mechanical (screw) lifts. The task seemed daunting and I remember the excitement and the trepidation at the time. However, as the months went by, it became abundantly clear that there was a market crying out for a premium quality vehicle lift, something that was much safer and stronger than any alternative brand, a lift that would outlast the lifetime of all its competitors, and therefore a vehicle lift that will bring the cost of ownership right down. The Rotary vehicle lift found its place very quickly. Over the past 20 years, we (Bullworthy) have worked hard with our fellow members of TGE to get the Rotary lift brand the most wanted and recognised vehicle lift in the UK. We have watched how a young Rotary, now part of the ever-growing VSG (Vehicle Service Group), has become a dominant brand, already recognised in America, but now Europe, Africa, and Asia too. TGE stands strong with the mighty Rotary lift. Our product knowledge, engineering skills and installation experience are unrivalled and unsurpassed, and the relationship between the members of Trade Garage Equipment and Rotary Lift is embedded within their history books.

Discovering last year that TGE had sold over 10,000 Rotary vehicle lifts during the most challenging times, is a fantastic testament to its members. Well done to all the sales, installation and maintenance staff who played a part in this incredible achievement – and continue to do so! ”