Look to the future and stand out from the crowd

15 Dec Look to the future and stand out from the crowd

Look to the future and stand out from the crowd

For workshops, it’s important to invest in garage equipment which has been proven to help those alike to generate more revenue, as no business can afford to invest in equipment that doesn’t add any value, especially in this economic climate.
The awareness of carbon build-up in combustion engines has been overlooked by workshops and vehicle owners alike. With our technology the results are clear and proven through various tests. Therefore, DPF Cleaning and HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning services can provide a much-needed boost to your workshop revenue.

Our machines have been crucial over the last few years to reduce the carbon footprint whilst providing a regular revenue stream to many workshops across the UK and overseas.

One of our recent clients, Babcock International who maintain vehicles for Heathrow airport have seen clear positive results by performing carbon cleans throughout their fleet.

Workshops from all over the UK have also attracted new customers by becoming approved Carbon Clean Centres too. For this package we offer digital marketing support, extended warranties and outstanding training to workshops that are progressively looking to grow their business.

With over 9 machines all designed to remove carbon from various parts of the engine, there will be a model to suit your budget and workshop.

Join the many workshops and commercial fleets that are benefiting from our machines and become an approved Carbon Cleaning centre.
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