MAHA COLUMNLIFT RGA highlights benefits of buying from the manufacturer

22 Jul MAHA COLUMNLIFT RGA highlights benefits of buying from the manufacturer

When customers take delivery of MAHA’s COLUMNLIFT RGA, they can be safe in the knowledge that not only have they placed their faith in a quality product, but they can also be assured of a manufacturer that will always be by their side.

Manufactured in Germany and assembled in its plant in Alabama, USA, the low-maintenance and electro-mechanical drive system ensures smooth running. The mechanical rigidity of the four columns, which can be expanded to eight, guarantees safety and the ability to function in any environment – whether at the side of the road or in the pits at a British Truck Racing Association race weekend.

A worm gear motor allows for accurate height positioning without the prospect of overrunning, while ‘column communication’ is via wireless connection and power supplied by batteries.

Emphasis on longevity

Being the manufacturer provides many unique benefits to the customer and puts MAHA in a commanding position in the marketplace, according to MAHA UK Managing Director, Neil Ebbs: “Our engineers are fully-trained on every MAHA product, and we place a strong emphasis on knowledge, spare parts, availability and technical support, so, along with producing our own product, we offer the whole package.”

MAHA UK Sales Manager, Nick Austin, added: “We offer longevity and guarantee a life-cost with a product; for example, there are still brake testers that we installed when MAHA UK was established in 1997 that are fully-operational today.”

Advantage of electro-mechanical workshop lifts

As a manufacturer, MAHA can analyse and adapt its products, finding new and innovative ways to prolong the life and accuracy of its equipment; for example, its COLUMNLIFT RGA workshop lift is fully electro-mechanical and boasts advanced technology that reduces wear and increases efficiency.

Nick explained: “Each column lift features a recirculating ball screw design, which, once in position, is locked-in firmly. It entails a trapezoidal screw, which features grooves and a ball race. These balls travel around the screw, opposed to metal-on-metal on a phosphor bronze nut.

“Because of how our system works, we know that this reduces friction and the lift itself needs less power to run on. It also eradicates fluid leaks and synchronisation problems.”

Neil added: “The splash-proof and dirt repellent design means technicians can be assured of years of trouble-free service. With regular maintenance, the ball screw’s life should exceed beyond normal expectations.”

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