Capelec Connected MOT Equipment

25 May Capelec Connected MOT Equipment

Exhaust Emission Equipment

Effective from 01st May 2021, newly sold emission equipment to an MOT site for MOT testing must be connected equipment.

Capelec supplies a wide range of connected and DVSA approved equipment for workshops.

Capelec Exhaust Gas Analysers & Smoke Meters are certified as connected. They are available separately or combined as a complete emission testing unit.


  • All vehicles classes
  • Wireless connexion smoke meter
  • PC-based control system
  • Remote control
  • Upgrade & assistance
  • Tablet or 23″ – 27” touchscreen

Browse Capelec connected range

Capelec Connected MOT brake tester

Connected MOT brake tester CAP9010

Capelec Connected MOT decelerometer

Connected portable decelerometer CAP9500

Capelec Connected MOT headlamp beamsetter

Headlamp beamsetter CAP2600


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