Straightset Waste Oil Drainers

07 May Straightset Waste Oil Drainers

A waste oil drainer is an essential part of any garage workshop, but with so many different options and slight variations available on the market, Straightset offer an uncomplicated range.

Our range includes 3 different models:

  ST500 ST500P ST400
Description Standard Waste oil drainer Pumpaway Waste Oil Drainer Waste Oil Drainer with Diaphragm Pump for suction and discharge.


Key Feature Standard option Internal mounted air operated pump Supplied with a variety of adaptors to Provide suction and discharge
Pump No Yes Yes
Capacity (Litre) 95 Litres 95 Litres 85 Litres
Mobile Yes Yes Yes
Height (mm) 1041mm min / 1720mm max. 1041mm min / 1720mm max. 1855mm
Width (mm) 580mm 580mm 642mm
Price (inc delivery*) £320 (ex VAT) £420 (ex VAT) £650 (ex VAT)



The key features and benefits of the Straightset range of waste oil drainers are:

  • As Health and Safety is our top priority all of our waste oil drainers are non-pressurised, as pressurised versions have been known to have instances of Health and Safety issues.
  • Finished in a gloss black which complement any garage workshop.
  • Come with a large capacity to meet the requirements of any sized garage workshop
  • Easily moveable around the workshop on wheels with lockable castors, with a sturdy handle.
  • All have height adjustable steel drain with large, deep collecting bowl.
  • All supplied with safe seal coupling for the safe, clean dispensing into storage tanks.
  • All fitted with oil level indicators.
  • Our pricing is clear and uncomplicated and include delivery to any UK mainland address.
  • Waste oil drainers can be easily bought online via our website.