Membership Form

Membership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the GEA. On the right of this page is a content list and guidance that will help you to complete the Membership Application Form.

    Application for Membership

    (Please state in what capacity eg Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor)

    (Please give descriptions and include propriety names and marks if any)


    Turnover details - Applicant Company (not the Parent Company)

    (Financial information is used to calculate membership fees and will be treated in complete confidence)

    Turnover for the accounting year ending previous to application*

    Garage Equipment is responsible for*

    We the above named, apply to become a Member of the GEA.
    We are willing to cooperate with other Members in carrying out the objectives of the Association. We accept that membership shall be subject to the GEA Articles of Association and we will abide by the GEA Code of Good Practice.


    *Please state whether Chairperson, Director, Company Secretary, Proprietor, Partner etc., or authorised signatory

    Group Membership

    If there is more than one subsidiary, or other company involved in the Group Membership Application, please attach details and any available electronic brochures for all subsidiaries and companies in your Group, using the Choose File button at the bottom of this section

    Please attach a brief resume of the *subsidiary Company and also their Company Product Brochure, if available.

    * Or other Company in Group to be included in Group Membership

    Recommendation for Membership

    To support your membership application, your company needs to be proposed by two current members of the Garage Equipment Association. In the event that you do not know two current members then please contact us on 01327 312616 and we will help you.

    1st Proposer

    *Please state whether Chairperson, Director, Company Secretary, Proprietor, Partner etc., or authorised signatory.

    2nd Proposer

    *Please state whether Chairperson, Director, Company Secretary, Proprietor, Partner etc., or authorised signatory.

    Content and Guidance

    Application for Membership

    Please provide your company’s details.

    Group Membership

    This would be cost effective if you have subsidiaries, or other associate companies in the Garage Equipment field, who would also like to become members. By applying as a group the cost is reduced, however, the group is only entitled to one vote, or one representative on a working group, or on Council.


    You will need a recommendation from two current GEA member companies. If you do not know two current member companies, please call 01327 312616 to receive help with this part of the application.

    What happens next?

    • On receipt of your application, we will first arrange to visit you for a chat and explain our Articles of Association and then your application will go before the GEA Council. This process will take approximately 14 – 28 days.
    • We will also ask you, at this stage, to provide evidence of your company turnover by submitting a copy of your most recent company accounts. All financial information supplied will be treated in complete confidence.
    • If your application is successful you will be informed in writing and asked to sign a Member Declaration that your company will abide by the GEA Code of Practice and Articles of Association.
    • A copy of the Code of Practice can be downloaded from our website: (
    • We will then invoice you for your subscription calculated on a monthly basis.
    • When we have received your Member Declaration and confirmation that you will abide by the Code of Practice and Articles of Association, your membership will be confirmed and you will be sent your Membership Certificate.
    • You will then receive GEA member bulletins; access to our legal and employment helpline; an entry on our website and a ‘Members only’ password.
    • Each January, you will be contacted to renew your membership for the year.

    We would like to thank you for your enquiry and look forward to receiving your Application.