Scan, Treat, Profit, Repeat.

28 May Scan, Treat, Profit, Repeat.

Introducing the Groove Glove – A handheld scanner that allows tyre retailers and their customers to understand the wear condition of tyres easily, and quickly. The Groove Glove marks a step change in the future of tyre and wheel alignment diagnostics by offering a quick and concise analysis of what work is required, thus increasing profitability, customer trust and ultimately customer retention.
Operated wherever a WiFi signal exists, the Groove Glove avoids errors when scanning and provides immediate sales opportunities for replacement tyres and wheel alignments via its unique cloud based visually enhanced software package.
The cloud-based reporting system is easy to read and very simple to analyse the tyre and vehicle alignment status, which in turn allows you to educate the customer consistently and professionally on what work maybe required, and the safety of the vehicle in its current road holding state.
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