Northern & Southern Field Service Managers

Northern & Southern Field Service Managers

Company Name: ISN Garage Assist

Email Address:

Responsible to: Senior Management.

Location: Field Based.

Hours of Work: ‘Flexible – let’s get the job done’

Salary: Salary negotiable dependent on experience.

Purpose of the Post

· To provide Management support and overseeing a team of Garage Equipment Engineers.


· To be involved in recruitment, training, and development of personnel.
· To act as a conduit for information between internal and external teams, including suppliers and partners.
· A clear remit to improve our activities, considering factors such as logistics, efficiencies, competence, morale and culture.
· Must have a good understanding of both the commercial and practical elements of the business and the need to consider both.
· Must be able to ‘take an aerial view’ of situations when considering the best actions and processes.
· Remain hands-on and involved, whilst maintaining a balance to ensure other vital aspects of the role.
· To work closely with senior management to advise and implement policies and procedures, install the correct culture, and help lead the company into the direction we want to take by leading from the ‘Field’.
· To work as part of a wider team focusing on productivity and quality of work to ensure we become recognised as the ‘best’ garage equipment partner in the UK.

Skills Required

We are looking for two people who can bridge the gap between Engineers and Senior Management. Someone who can collate and articulate issues in the field with team and product, and must have garage equipment engineer experience.