Smart X Tyre Changer – Hofmann Megaplan

07 Dec Smart X Tyre Changer – Hofmann Megaplan

Introducing from Hofmann Megaplan the newly renowned megamount Smart X tyre changer, the ‘Ultimate Offering’ in tyre removal machinery.

The megamount Smart X tyre changer combines advanced technology with safety intelligence, that allows this fully automated process to complete handling of any class 4 vehicle tyre with ease and proficiency. ​

What is different about the Smart X?

As any new piece of garage equipment should do, the Smart X has introduced many new features that the industry hasn’t seen before including: ​

  • Fail Safe Dead Man System ​
  • 3D Mass Calculation via Twin Lasers ​
  • World Wide BMW Approval

Alongside these revolutionary capabilities, the Smart X also demonstrates the quality that has come to be synonymous with Hofmann Megaplan; the simplicity of the design, space efficiency and the intelligence of the technology to increase productivity within your garage. For more information on the Smart X tyre changer, take a look at it’s page now…

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 891011 to book an appointment to our showroom to see the megamount Smart X in action!​