Tailpipe measurement: More vehicles with OBD system fail due to the tail pipe emission test

10 Dec Tailpipe measurement: More vehicles with OBD system fail due to the tail pipe emission test

Bonn, 3 December 2019.
In the case of passenger cars with an OBD system (on-board diagnostics), the number of deficiencies relevant to exhaust emissions has skyrocketed. One reason for this is undoubtedly the reintroduction of the general tailpipe measurement in the emissions test on January 1, 2018. Overall, around 397,000 vehicles failed to pass the emissions test (AU / AUK) last year. This means that the number of failed emissions tests has risen by more than 30 percent compared to 2017. This is now apparent from the final report on the AU deficiency statistics of the Central Association of German Garage Association (ZDK). ZDK President J├╝rgen Karpinski: “The obligatory introduction of tailpipe measurement within the framework of the AU has thus already proven itself a year after its reintroduction and is an important contribution to environmental protection. Because what matters is what comes out the tail pipe. This has shown the exhaust emission scandal of recent years. The modernized AU is a consequence of our experience. ”


With the expertise of the more than 34,000 recognized AU companies, a nationwide implementation of the modernized AU was possible: Last year, the workshops carried out a total of more than 12.3 million emissions tests on passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. In 11.5 million vehicles, no exhaust-related deficiency was detected in the AU; however, based on a defined quality assurance system, the AU companies recorded around 1.46 million exhaust faults in 815,000 vehicles (2017: 1.24 million). That’s an average of 1.79 deficiencies per vehicle. Of these, 418,000 passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles were repaired with maintenance, inspection or repair, thus achieving the permissible emission levels.


Every year, around 24 million emission tests are carried out by all authorized inspection bodies in Germany.


The press release can be found at www.kfzgewerbe.de.