The wheels of change are turning!

23 Oct The wheels of change are turning!

Bullworthy will only offer recognised premium workshop equipment. Premium brands not only ensure the highest possible standard for products, but will prove more reliable and efficient in use, reduce the cost of long-term ownership and will, most importantly, generally be safer to use. Exceeding the strict demands of CE approval, and having endured rigorous factory proving and field testing, are examples of the criteria inherent in the equipment we offer.

Bullworthy are pleased to be able to offer the new and exclusive ‘Technique’ range of wheel care equipment. With its state of the art technology and brand new design, the tyre equipment range from Technique not only offers exceptional value for money, but a host of features that separate it from the rest of the competition.

Technique is a brand that has more than twenty years of industry approval. Specifically selected, tested and maintained by ‘Trade Garage Equipment’, of which Technique form a leading role of the partnership, enabling complete UK wide coverage for sales and service.

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